RTO Partners

Recognising the experience of role-players in the sector, Ilifa developed partnerships with a group of resource and training organisations (RTOs), which were in a position to implement strategies that they believed would impact the ECD sector significantly. Ilifa currently has partnerships with four such organisations, creating real-life examples that provide models for grassroots ECD innovations that might be applied at the regional and national levels.

Partnerships with Government

Ilifa is now taking its RTO partnerships to the next stage, implementing findings from the RTO interventions at the provincial level. Ilifa has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the North West Province Department of Social Development, with the objective of extending quality ECD services in the province. This is the first Ilifa partnership with a government entity, and will hopefully set the standard for similar partnerships in other provinces.

Research Partners

Formative research is a cornerstone of Ilifa’s mission. Ilifa has a robust research agenda, which establishes Ilifa as a “change agent” and links ECD practitioners to research that promotes evidence-informed practice. Ilifa currently works with two academic research organisations to evaluate the effectiveness of various interventions on the ECD sector in South Africa.

Sector Development Partners

Ilifa is committed to helping develop a strong, professional, and skilled cohort of ECD practitioners in South Africa. To do so, Ilifa has established ECD sector development partnerships with a management training and development firm, as well as with a curriculum development consultant.

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